1768 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA 92627
  • Tel: 949-645-0324

The present day El Matador is not what it was years ago. El Matador was always known as a local “hole in the wall” with the best authentic mexican food in town. Now El Matador has changed their reputation, by holding the good and getting rid of the bad, thanks to the McConaughys.

When he first aquired El Matador, he had a plan. A plan to keep the original customers but also bring in new customers. So he kept the old side for the regulars and then expanded by bringing in new bathrooms, a new dining room with the capacity of 68. And not just that, he also had the idea of a tequila bar. Not just any tequilla bar, but one with over 170 tequilas! The most in Orange County.

Thanks to Greg McConaughy, El Matdor has maintained it’s great history. And along with great food and service, El Matador is what it is today:

A fun place to get delicous Mexican food!